Welcome to Smøla!

Fisketurister | Fotograf: Wigdis Wollan
Fishing luck fotograf Wigdis Wollan
På fiskeværet veiholmen kan du oppleve ei eksotisk blanding av gammelt og nytt. | Fotograf: Statkraft
Veiholmen - an active fishing community fotograf Statkraft

The island community of Smøla is located farthest out in the Atlantic Ocean between the cities of Kristiansund and Trondheim. With a prairie like landscape and a fantastic archipelago consisting of more than 5800 islands and skerries, Smøla offers many unique qualities unlike any you will find elsewhere.

Some of Smøla's many popular attractions:

-Saltwater and freshwater fishing
-Canoeing and kayaking in the archipelago
-A rich animal and bird life
-Unique opportunities for bicycling and walking
-Europe's largest windmill park
-An approved 9-hole golf course
-Many interesting cultural activities and museums
-Modern shopping center
-Cafés and restaurants
-Fishermen's cabins, hotels, camping and lighthouse vacations
-Coastal culture and hospitality 

The active fishing community Veiholmen is one of Smøla's biggest attractions.

Communication and getting around:
-The Coastal Express boat services Smøla several times daily to/from Trondheim (3 hours) and Kristiansund (30 min).
-Ferry service to and from the mainland every hour
-Fly to Værnes Airport near Trondheim or to Kvernberget Airport near Kristiansund.
-Use the local bus on the island.
-Car, minibus, bicycle- and moped rentals are available on Smøla.

For more information: Tourist Office: +47 91 91 05 19, 12-3 p.m. Mon. - Fri.

Welcome to Smøla!

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